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Ace of Spades Description

Ace of Spades is part building game, part shooter, where you can create the very battefield you will be fighting on. Destroy blocks and use materials to create your own defenses while keeping an eye on what the enemy team is up to in this online game...


What sets Ace of Spades apart from other shooters is the constantly changing battlefield that you’ll be fighting on. Not only can you destroy many of the objects on the map, but you can actively build up all sorts of structures brick by brick as the game goes on. You will have to balance between bolstering your defensive positions with structures and fighting off assaulting enemies to guarantee victory for your team.

You can construct anything you can imagine, from tunnels to fortresses and everything in between, all you need is some creativity and a few blocks. Build up your structures quickly to gain every advantage over your enemy that you can. Speaking of advantages: It's essential in Ace of Spaces to work with members of your team and allied players in order to win matches and be crowned the winning party. Similar to Brick-Force, this pixel shooter gives you free reigns over what you want to see happen. Choose your own destiny and let the creative juices flow!

The constant building and fighting takes place in various game modes, where there are different objectives for each type that requires totally different strategies and priorities from one to the other. No match will ever be the same as another thanks to these multiple modes and the basic build and shoot mechanic of the game. Keeping an eye on the respective objectives will set you apart from the rest of the community and increase your chance of scoring points in the first-person shooter.

The graphics are just what you would expect from a block-centric game; lots of blocks. Pretty much everything is a six-sided box or a few of them stuck together, giving the game a very simple and barebones feel that focuses on strategy and gameplay rather than flashy visuals or realism. That's not to say that Ace of Spades doesn't have its own stylized charm, though!

by Jonathan Smith

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